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Advanced Cosmetic, Neuromuscular, Sedation, & Complete General Dentistry. Text or Call Today! 510-595-1900

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    Dr. Xiaoyen (pronounced "Cheyenne" ) Chen

    Hi I'm Dr Xiaoyen (pronounced 'Cheyenne' ) Chen. I graduated in two dental schools. First in China, at Nanjing Medical University in 1987 and the other was at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco in 1999. I've been practicing dentistry for over 15 years and am proud to say that dentistry has come a long way and I am happy that I can be of service to our patients who are seeking quality dental treatment. Our office offers all phases of dentistry including but not limited to cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, root canal therapy to salvaging teeth, and periodontal therapy to ensure that your gums and bones that's housing your teeth stays healthy and happy. Call our office today and get your dental health back into shape.

  • staff

    Hi my name is Tanya. I'm the front office financial coordinator. I assist our patients in getting the financing that they need to get the dental treatment they want. I work with insurance companies to get the most for our patients and make sure the insurance companies are paying their portion. I also find outside financing for our patients so that they can get the dental treatment they deserve. I am also a dental assistant and I have worked in the dental field for over 6 years. I'm looking forward to working with you and ensuring that your dental health is taken care of.

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    Hi my name is Monika. I've been in the dental field for over 4 years. I'm the front office scheduling coordinator. I also help in assisting patients get financing from outside finance companies to get the dental treatment that our patients need. As needed I assist the back office dental assistant. I'm looking forward to meeting with you and assisting you with your dental needs. Call me today and I can set up your appointment for your cosmetic needs such as whitening your teeth, filling the gaps between your teeth, and making a new set of teeth for you.

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    Hi, my name is Wing. I have been working on the set and behind the scenes at Emeryville Dental Care well over 10 yrs ago. I love working here. Our team members are constantly learning and always finding ways to improve people's smile and the quality of their dental health. We have seen many 'apprentices' come through here to learn from the one I feel is the best Dentist out there. We have been featured on many public segments and enjoy the respect of our peers.I have seen many patients cry with joy and seen lots of hugs from their 'transformations'. Come and see for yourself, why we are the Dental office to go to. Text or Call Today 510-595-1900