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  • Nobel Biocare

    Nobel Biocare™ About tooth loss Tooth loss can be detrimental to your long term oral health. Bone loss is one of the leading side effects of missing teeth - not to mention the effect on your smile. The stimulation that your jaw bone receives from your teeth maintains its strength. If you have

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  • Odyssey Diode Laser

    Odyssey® Diode Laser The Odyssey 2.4G Diode Laser from Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. represents the latest diode laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventive care. Featuring a unique fiber management system and the newest innovation, a wireless power control, the Odyssey 2.4G

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  • Oncology Guide

    Oncology Reference Guide to Oral Health Head and Neck Radiation Therapy Pre-Cancer Treatment Oral Health Examination Chemotherapy Oral Complications of Cancer Treatment Blood and Marrow Transplantation Head and Neck Radiation Therapy Patients receiving radiation therapy to the

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  • Opalescense Boost

    Opalescence® Xtra Boost Whitening System How does it work? With Opalescence Xtra Boost, you will have whiter teeth before you leave our office. This product is so advanced, it does not require a laser or a light for activation. Through enhanced chemical activation, we can now whiten your teeth

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  • Opalescense Take Home

    Opalescence® Take Home Whitening System How does it work? We will take impressions of your teeth that will allow custom trays to be made for your bleaching procedure. The Opalescence gel is placed in thin, comfortable trays and fitted over your teeth. As you whiten your teeth, carbamide peroxide

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  • Opalescense Treswhite

    Opalescence® Treswhite Whitening System Introducing Treswhite by Opalescence, the easiest, fastest, and best tasting way to put the white back in your smile. How does it work? Whitening your teeth has never been easier. Treswhite's innovative, pre-loaded whitening trays are simply inserted onto

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  • OraVerse

    OraVerse® From Numb to Normal - OraVerse Brings You Back Do you, like many dental patients, find the lingering numbness of local anesthesia is something you've become used to but never comfortable with? It's not easy getting on with your day when part of you is still not feeling normal. Are you ready

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  • Oral Cancer Exams and Biopsies

    Oral Cancer Exams and Biopsies Every visit to our office includes an oral cancer screening exam. However, you are the most important person in an early diagnosis. You should look for any sores or lesions in your mouth that do not heal within two weeks. If you notice these, contact us for an appointment

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  • Orthodontic FAQ

    FAQs What is meant by orthodontics? Orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry that deals with correcting the positioning of the jaws and the alignment of the teeth. What is an orthodontist? An orthodontist is a dentist who receives two to three years of additional training and education

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  • Orthodontic Gallery

    The goal of any orthodontic procedure is to align the teeth to ensure proper function and proper aesthetics. Please browse through our orthodontics gallery to see the types of results that can be achieved with orthodontic treatment. The average treatment time for orthodontics is between eighteen

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